Project Description

3R93 / Optional locking function

After the amputation, you may feel safer if the knee joint locking function is activated. In this case you pull on a cable in order to bend the joint for sitting. Your prosthetist can permanently disable the locking function.

Braking function matched to your needs

The 3R93 acts as a brake knee joint if the locking function is deactivated. The brake function provides for safety if you load the joint in the bending direction. The brake function is activated if you apply pressure on the heel and stabilises the prosthesis as long as ground contact is maintained while you walk. This effect occurs even if the knee is slightly bent during heel strike. The amount of braking force can be adjusted by the prosthetist according to your requirements. Returning to a previous setting is also easy.

Swing phase with spring-loaded effect

During the subsequent swing phase as you walk, the load is removed from the prosthesis and the brake turns off. The prosthetic lower leg first swings back and then forward again. This process is controlled by a built-in spring-loaded mechanism which can be adjusted easily from the outside to match your gait cycle.