Project Description

Digital Orthotics - a feasibility study for potential analysis, 2017 / Bauhaus University Weimar / Faculty of Art and Design in cooperation with the company Jaeger Orthopädie.

The goal of our research is a fully integrated digital design and manufacturing workflow (generate / manipulate / materialize data) for patient- and indication-appropriate ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs).

Participants: Prof. Jan Willmann (expert in digital methods), Martin Jaeger (biomechanic and master of orthopedic shoe technology), Henning Seide (product designer and specialist in Computational Design and Geometry), Niklas Hamann (product designer and artistic collaborator), Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend (industrial designer and expert in prosthetics and orthotics)

The resulting paper discusses the properties and requirements of orthoses, product-specific issues in the body-related area as well as functional and creative potentials of digitization. To DOWNLOAD the PDF / article p.152-180: