Project Description

3R60 EBS and 3R60 EBS Pro

Knee joint prosthesis
Design for Otto Bock, HealthCare
red dot 2005

3R60-EBS and EBS-pro are two versions of the five-step hydraulic knee joint prosthesis applied together with the standardized frame design. The damping function of the hydraulic system enabling a smoother and more natural gait pattern differentiates the 3R60 from other commercially available knee joint prosthesis.

In contrast to traditional joint prostheses which destroy the foam lining with their hard angularity, the 3R60-EBS possesses a soft front cap which does not damage the foam casing. Also, particular emphasis is placed on enabling orthopaedic technicians a user-friendly operation and processing of the device. The hydraulics functions can be adjusted laterally to increase comfort and fulfil the requirements of the patient.

The EBS-pro, being a “small brother” of the 3R60-EBS, is a compact answer to challenges of the Asiatic market. It is discreetly self-contained, yet characterised by an unmistakably distinct application mode thanks to its functional front cap representing the formal interpretation of the tibial tubercle.