Project Description

Weimar stool / Weimar Art Festival 2015

The Weimar stool is part of the Weimar Kunstfest 2015. Because of the two different seat heights the Weimar stool fits for all ages and is transportable for everyone. It allows the spontaneous sitting in the public space. The stool is used at the opening of the Weimar Kunstfest so that the visitors can follow the launch events in the open air. The viewers choose the places to linger.

The stool consists essentially of two Swedish paper baskets. Cover and cable complete an object that is often carried and carried away. The Weimar stool is very popular. On the opening day of the Kunstfest 160 of 200 stools are “disappearing”.

Design in joyful cooperation with Wolfgang Sattler / many thanks to the Bauhaus-Transfer-Centre, Andreas Riese, Florian Giele, Urs und Helena.