Project Description

Standing workstation: HOCH X by WERKHAUS

Standing table / shelf tower / stool / / Designteam: Andreas Mühlenberend and Holger Danneberg

Standing table and stool by WERKHAUS allow varied ergonomic changes of posture and partial relief of the body by footrests. Optional castors enable effortless relocation of the workstation.

Tower provides space for freely selectable modular drawer and storage elements.

Standing table in 2 heights (102 cm / 113 cm) / Stool in 2 seat heights (67 cm / 75 cm)


Material-saving lightweight construction / lay-out for maximum use of board material / sustainably grown wood from certified cultivation / solvent-free non-toxic paint / waste-free use of paints through closed material cycle / partial surface coating through UV treatment / deliberately open designed edges for moisture exchange / stool cover: vegan felt / no irreversible material connections for recycling after use / durable and relocatable thanks to plug-in system / small packing size for small shipping volume / Co2 neutral shipping (GoGreen shipping) / Manufacturing energy by Greenpeace and own solar power