Project Description

Lumbo TriStep

Back orthosis
Patent: Resolut Design / Otto Bock, HealthCare
red dot award, best of the best 2007
Award winner of the “Saxony Award for Design 2007”
The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009

The Lumbo TriStep is a back orthosis which, thanks to the adjustability of its individual stabilizing elements, enables a three-level therapy of the lumbar spine. The major aim of the Lumbo TriStep is to help restore muscular balance in the lumbar spine region. As the stabilizing and securing function of Lumbo TriStep is reduced at each therapy phase, the flexibility and mobility of the patient increase. The patented orthosis, Lumbo TriStep, offers the following advantages:

  • auto adaptive segmental support elements adjusting themselves to the body shape of the patient
  • exceptionally lightweight and slim construction design
  • optimal adjustability to the body’s circumference thanks to insertable side elements
  • closure element with grip pockets enabling quick donning and removal
  • optionally applicable breathable lumbar pad, tool free adjustment application

Therapy phases:

  1. First therapy phase (application as a bandage + support elements + a bridging element)
  2. Second therapy phase (application as a bandage + support elements)
  3. Third therapy phase (application as a bandage)